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    Incompatible with God’s Design is the first comprehensive history of the Roman Catholic women’s ordination movement in the United States. Mary Jeremy Daigler explores how the focus on ordination, and not merely “increased participation” in the life and ministries of the church, has come to describe a broad movement. Moving well beyond the role of such organizations as the Women’s Ordination Conference, this study also addresses the role of international and local groups. In an effort to debunk a number of misperceptions about the movement, from its date of origin to its demographic profile, Daigler explores a vast array of topics. Starting with the movement’s historical background from the early American period through the early 20th century to Vatican II and afterward, she considers the role of women (especially Catholicism’s more religious adherents) in the movement’s evolution, the organization of the ordination movement in the United States, the role and response of clergy and Vatican teachings, the reality of international influences on the U.S. movement, and the full range of challenges—past and present—to the ordination movement.
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    A film by John Dear, a celebrated peace activist and the author of over twenty books; he also served as a chaplain ministering to the families of those killed on September 11th at the World Trade Center. His life's story has been a journey into the radical message of the Gospel and Jesus' instruction to love our enemies. Of course, many Christians ignore Christ's directive. But not John Dear. Following in the footsteps of the great apostles of nonviolence - Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Oscar Romero and Daniel and Philip Berrigan - John Dear, who has been arrested and imprisoned over 75 times, crisscrosses the country and the world tirelessly preaching the message of the nonviolent Jesus. watch the trailer
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    Daniel Berrigan, is a Jesuit priest, peace activist, and poet. Fr. Berrigan, his brother Philip Berrigan, and the famed Trappist monk Thomas Merton founded an interfaith coalition against the Vietnam War, and wrote letters to major newspapers arguing for an end to the war. Fr. Berrigan has risked arrest and imprisonment for justice his whole adult life. At 91 Dan continues to maintain a level of activism and protests, including protests against American intervention in Central America, the 1991 Gulf War, the Kosovo War, the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as well as all on going wars and threats of war. He is also a prominent pro-life activist and speaks out against capital punishment.
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    The Murphy Initiative DVD includes three parts. A short version at 11 minutes and a long version at 20 minutes. Also included on the DVD is the Song "To Listen To God Speaking." Included with the DVD is a binder for use with groups. There is an Adult discussion section, High School and Young Adult section, and scripture quotes as related to Catholic Social Teaching. Many more tools are included in the binder such as glossary, prayers, sheet music for "To Listen To God Speaking," explanation of Catholic Social Teaching, theological reflections, and service learning opportunities.
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    Arrangement commissioned by the Murphy Initiative in 2010 of the Handel Choir of Baltimore singing "To Listen To God Speaking." Music Composed by Fr. J.W. Hannon Arranged by Ryan Mullaney ***We are asking for a donation. Please use the "Donate" button on the homepage. Make sure to include a message that your donation is for the CD.
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    In The Catonsville Nine, Shawn Francis Peters, a Catonsville native, offers the first comprehensive account of this key event in the history of 1960's protest. While thousands of supporters thronged the streets outside the courthouse, the Catonsville Nine--whose ranks included activist priests Philip and Daniel Berrigan--delivered passionate indictments of the war in Vietnam and the brutality of American foreign policy. Peters gives readers vivid, blow-by-blow accounts of the draft raid, the trial, and the ensuing manhunt for the Berrigans, George Mische, and Mary Moylan, who went underground rather than report to prison. More than 40 years after they stormed the draft board, the Catonsville Nine are still invoked by both secular and religious opponents of militarism.
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    “A Christian who truly walks the radical way of the cross. Phil Berrigan overturns the tables of injustice and summons us to love our enemies and worship the God of peace. Like Thoreau, Ghandi, King, and Dorothy Day, Phil Berrigan exemplifies courage. He is both an inspiration and a challenge to me and countless others. Here is a true hero of our turbulent times.
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    “Plowshare activists are for more dangerous to the US government than any rapist or murderer or terrorist. Because we are promoting nonviolence.” -Jean Gump, imprisoned for a plowshare action
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